3 things you didn't know about protein

3 things you didn't know about protein

As you know, your beloved Thrive Peak contains 10gr of protein. It helps your muscle recovery and growth. That's why it's the perfect beer to drink after sports.

But, there's so much more to protein.


1. You need protein to stay alive 💛

Protein exists in every one of the trillions of cells in the human body. Without it, no life could exist. Approximately 18-20% of the body is protein. So you're drinking beer to stay alive, really.

2. Protein has a short lifespan 🩳

There are about 100,000 different types of protein in the human body. The lifespan of most proteins totals two days or less. Hence the reason why daily protein intake is so important.

3. Human hair is protein 💇‍♀️

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin, which forms a helical shape. This protein has sulfur bonds, and the more sulfur links it has, the curlier a person’s hair will be.

So you could eat your hair and get your protein in.
Or, you can have a beer. Your choice.

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