Nikolai Schirmer

SPORT: Ski | Country:Norway

"I told Red Bull no, and got a beer sponsor instead.
Jokes aside, I love beer. And Thrive tastes just like good proper beer, but is a recovery drink with all the vitamins and protein I need to perform."

Meet Nikolai Schirmer. Norwegian skier, filmmaker, adventurer and ridiculously nice guy. Talented in everything he does. He won multiple awards and trophies. 2019 and 2023 Freeride Skier of The Year, to name a few. But the one achievement he's most proud of is saying yes to Thrive and no to Red Bull. True story.

His advice? Life is generally like a party. Have too few beers and it might get dull, too many and you'll have a bad time. Moderation is key. Unless it's Thrive beers you're having. Then just go all-in, all day. Enjoy the ride. It'll be a slow cook, but follow your dreams and eventually, you'll end up somewhere dreamy. Learn how to meditate, so as not to be one with your thoughts and emotions at all times. You can't control what appears in consciousness, but you can control how you react to it. Be kind to everyone, including yourself. But most importantly invest all your pocket money in Thrive as soon as they go public.

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