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Thrive Play Cans
Gerry Frisson
Allround athlete, who enjoys a beer!

Drink a beer after a hard day of training, and actually recover.
How great is that!
Beer and vitamines!
From all alcohol free beers, this one has the best taste!

A whole new vibe

Fresh, invigorating, thirst-quenching ... can't wait for summer! This will be the brew!

overall a really good beer

Bought these as I wanted to have a replacement for beer that tasted like beer but didn’t have alcohol. Of course it’s impossible to 100% achive the taste of the actually thing, but these were actually very, very close. I think Play as more or an aftertaste of real beer than Peak. It’s actually the only thing I would say about them. If they work Peak to have more flavor they are awesome. In any case these are my choice to replace my previous beer consumption! Good work guys!

Best alcohol free beer!!!

Very good refreshing beer, a bit sweet and sour. Love it!

Got addicted already

Both “refresh” and “reload” types of beer taste like real beers, it’s amazing! Thinking of taking a monthly subscription … 😉

Best Valentine ever

Gave this to my Hubby for Valentine , best gift ever 👌

Thrive Peak Cans
Mark Munne
Easy way to get some extra protein!

Just as the title says, having a beer and reaching your daily protein goal!

Sooo gooood !

I love the concept and even more the taste! Much better than most non-alcoholic beers I've tasted !

Thrive Peak Bottles
Bart Bemmelen
Marathon Beer

Training for a marathon. And recently it didn't go well, injury after injury.... Why? My muscles were weak. The question how can I fix these fragile limps I call legs? Answer: Thrive

My legs are no longer limbs they are machines and they run on Thrive.

Just great

Love the beers. Gives an great feeling to drink an proper beer after an good workout and you don’t have to feel bad for it

Thrive Play Cans
Brent Verbeeck

Thrive Play Cans

Thrive Play Cans
Danny Serlet

Thrive Play Cans

Best 0% beer ever

I am not grabbing alcoholic beers anymore because Thrive is just too good 🤩


The best option after a good climbing session! Taste good, like real beer, without feeling guilty. 100% convinced. Love it

Very good but expensive beer

Delicious non alcoholic beer. I, personally like the play version more but the one with proteins tastes also very good. The only problem is the price wich is very expensive for a beer even if it‘s something special.

Best beer in the world

Great taste, tasted exactly like a good beer, but without feeling guilty. Refreshing and beneficial for recovery; what else do you want more.

Thrive Peak Cans
Tink Moonen
My reward after the workout.

The post workout thrive beer is something I can look forward to during my workout.

Aanrader voor sportieve bierliefhebber

Heel lekker om als alcoholvrij alternatief te drinken en al helemaal als je geregeld sport! Vitamines en eiwitten in een lekker biertje. Nooit gedacht dat dat kon :)

Thrive Play Bottles
Thomas Tavernier
Ideale recovery

Het Belgische openingsweekend staat voor de deur. Net op tijd nog een bestelling gedaan bij Thrive. Ideale dorstlesser, een alternatief met minder calorieën en wat je drinkt is ook goed voor je herstel. Laat de klassiekers maar komen🙌

Thrive Peak Cans
Tom Van Hoof
Challenge Companion

Thrive Peak is not yet my favourite 0.0% beer when it comes to taste but it is a very close call. When it comes to my absolute preference as sports companion Thrive Peak clearly beats by far any competition. While prepping for my next marathon in Ghent March 24th 2024 I always make sure to have some Thrive Peak cans cooled in my fridge. To enjoy and recover after another long distance run.

Awesome post workout beer!

It's been a delight enjoying my Thrive peak cans after my workouts. I can have the taste of a fresh beer, while not feeling guilty AND getting some good recovery protein intake all at the same time! Cheers!

Perfect after run routine!!!

Just drink up a couple of cans after a 2 hr run. That works!!!


Taste is here!

Guilty free power up beer!

Alcohol-free beer that goes well with everything! It has that Belgian beer flavor that calls you after a gym workout, a tired day at work, a comforting meal at home, or whenever you feel like it. It's the beer that surely fits into your macros without making you feel guilty.


Really like the new play beer!