A beer with protein?!

A beer with protein?!

Just one year ago we launched our Thrive Peak with a fresher recipe and much sexier looking blue can. Yes, still the world's 1st sports recovery beer.

Since then, this beer has rapidly been making its way to your fridge and that of many others around Europe who love a beer that actually makes you better.

And do you remember Sam, the unknown actor we paid not nearly enough to be our casual spokesperson in the launch video?

Do watch the video above and check it out, even if you’ve seen it before, it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

That’s a promise.

A beer with protein?!

Yes, really. Alcohol-free? That’s just the start. This protein beer is a refreshing reward after a peak effort as well as a blessing for your body. And even if you didn’t work out, it’s simply a healthy, nutritious beer.

Thrive Peak supports your muscles’ maintenance and growth. Obviously, alcohol would tackle the healing power of the protein. So, we’ve left that toxic villain out.

With this beer, we’re making you better. With this beer, we’re changing the game.



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