The 3 key benefits of vitamin D

The 3 key benefits of vitamin D

As you know, your beloved Thrive Play contains vitamins B and D. Why? Vitamins are essential for every single person's health, every single day. And when it comes to Vitamin D specifically, over 70% of people are deficient.


1. It makes you healthier 💪
Research says that vitamin D will boost your immunity and thus fight disease. A very recent study by Harvard Health has shown that people with high levels of Vitamin D are significantly less likely to get the flu or COVID-19.

2. It makes you happier 🤩

Vitamin D plays an important role in regulating mood and decreasing the risk of depression. Some scientists literally call it the "happy vitamin".

3. It supports weight loss 🔥

Vitamin D has an impact on your appetite and will actually help you lose that body fat. Drinking beer while saying goodbye to beer bellies. How about that?

So how much vitamin D do you need per day?

Well, to get the proper amount of vitamin D you need to lay in the sun for 20 minutes between 12 and 2pm every day. Naked. Yes, really.

Or you can have 2 Thrive Play beers.
The choice is yours.

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