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Fernwee aka Martijn Van Strien

SPORT: Gravel | Country:Belgium

"I'm always craving a beer after a 750 km trip."

Allow us to introduce you to Martijn, a 31-year-old creative filmmaker and passionate cyclist hailing from the Netherlands. You may already be familiar with him through his incredible YouTube channel, Fernwee, where he captivates audiences with vlogs and short films showcasing his thrilling cycling adventures.

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Martijn's journey commenced with a humble father-and-son bike trip, but it quickly evolved into something extraordinary as he began documenting his progress in crit races and embarking on exhilarating bike trips with his friends. His love for both cycling and storytelling resonated deeply with viewers and attracted the attention of numerous brands and supporters, propelling his passion into a full-time career!

Today, Martijn is living the dream as a full-time content creator, pursuing his love for cycling and filmmaking with unwavering dedication. We are beyond thrilled to have him as one of our esteemed athlete partners, eagerly anticipating the incredible content he will continue to produce. As we join him on his latest adventures through Fernwee, we'll be sure to raise a glass of our refreshing sports beer in celebration—cheers to Martijn's boundless creativity and thrilling exploits!

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