Les frères Mawem

SPORT: Bouldering | Country:France

"The post-workout pleasure without feeling guilty, and above all, it tastes good! I hope you'll be able to taste it soon because it's amazing."

Les Frères Mawem, consisting of brothers Mickaël and Bassa Mawem, stand as iconic figures in the bouldering and speed climbing realms. These two brothers from France have not only reached the pinnacle of climbing achievements but have also channeled their passion into fostering a vibrant climbing community.

Known for their exceptional skills on the bouldering wall, the Mawem brothers have conquered numerous challenging routes and secured prestigious titles in various bouldering competitions. Mickaël's expertise shines in competition bouldering, securing victories in the 2019 IFSC Climbing European Championships, the 2023 World Championships, and a place at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Bassa excels in speed climbing, earning the overall title in the 2018 and 2019 IFSC Climbing World Cup and setting an Olympic Record in 2021. Together, they've not only ascended the podium but have also forged a thriving climbing community.

Together, Mickaël and Bassa Mawem's accomplishments extend beyond the climbing walls. Their entrepreneurial spirit led them to establish a thriving bouldering facility, enriching the climbing community and providing a platform for climbers of all levels to engage with their passion. Their dedication to climbing excellence and community development resonates as a testament to their enduring commitment.

Les Frères Mawem embody the essence of athleticism, determination, and community building. Through their achievements in the climbing world and their contributions to the climbing community, they inspire climbers and enthusiasts around the globe to reach for new heights, both on the walls and in their personal pursuits.

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