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Thrive Play Cans
Laurent Bourguignon
The best combo

I’m not a fan of alcohol free beer, but I have to say that the combo Vitamins + a good fresh taste of beer seduced me.

Thrive Play Cans
robert baranyai
Excellente service

Had an adress mess up and they fixed it right away, got my beers and I like them

Thrive Peak Bottles
Toon ter Horst

Best alcohol free beer in the world as it comes to taste and even nutritious. Freaking love it!

Helemaal top

Super flex dat ik mijn abbonement heb aan kunnen passen om dit pakket te ontvangen. Dikke duim!

Thrive Peak Cans
Yme van der Linden
Great beers after sport

Tastes great, feels good to drink after a sporting session

Thrive Play Cans
Marina Martinez Montero

Thrive Play Cans

Thrive Peak Cans
Cyril Le Ray

Thrive Peak Cans

Thrive Peak Cans
Geert Van de Laar
Zeer verfrissend

Thrive, de perfecte, verfrissende dorstlesser na een inspanning.
Ideaal om de eiwitten terug aan te vullen via een biertje.

Thrive Play Cans
Anton Schellekens
Lekker en onschuldig

Top biertje, perfect en te drinken op ieder moment

Peak x Play Cans 2x 12-pack Bundle

Thrive Peak Bottles
Harmen Koopman
Delicious and healthy!

A nice refreshing beer!

Thrive Play Cans
Steve Mommaerts
The Thrive-can/beer

Discovered the Thrive beer during/after the gravel ride in Diest. The beer somewhere got stuck in my brain. May 2024 I did a non-alcohol month & still being somehow sporty at my age(49), the Thrive popped up in my brain. Looked after it on mighty internet & voilà ! Can't recall how the can looked in Diest, but it looks fancy now & moreover you now even have a "vitamin-beer". So instead of a coke, I'm now opting for a non alcoholic vitamin-beer in a fancy gold-bronze can instead of high sugar coke in a silver-red can. Cheers to that ! Steve

Peak x Play Cans 2x 6-pack Bundle

Perfect !

Both beers flavor are just perfect ! The recovery one with 10g of protein is very good and on top efficient, and really enjoyable after a long run or bike tour. The (fresh) Play beer is perfect after every day's training, pure pleasure.
Well done !


Dit bier bevalt me zeer goed . zou in elke kantine automaat bij elke sportvereniging
moeten aanwezig zijn . niet alleen omdat er geen alcohol in zit maar ook na het sporten bijdraagt aan je herstel.

Fraîcheur et plaisir

C'est toujours un plaisir d'ouvrir sa play bien fraîche et zéro problème pour se concentrer, conduire etc. Le tout sur un bon petit goût malté.

Thrive Play Cans
Steven Maertens
Very refreshing drink sports beer

Since I discoverd this sports beer I drink it almost every day and not only after sport. It's very refreshing and with the added vitamins I have the idea to drink a healthy drink.

Thrive Play Cans
Loic Vercruysse
Vitamins with a taste!

After a full day of surgery and being inside, Thrive Play replenishes the necessary vitamins for my body to recover... with a great taste!

They look great

I like the way they look, and the packaging is nice and practical as well.

Thrive Peak Cans
ilse heusdens
Great taste.

Nice beer without alcohol. Refreshing after sports on a hot day. Or just for fun. Great taste.

Thrive Play Bottles
Mike Wilmer Wilmer
Play makes beer more accessible

I’m well past thirty and stopped enjoying heavy drinking. Thrive has made a beer that I can enjoy without regret and it has raised the bar in flavour for both alcohol free and regular beers.

Thrive Play Cans
Laurent Martinat

I love it

Thrive Play Cans
Frederik Nijs

Thrive Play Cans

Peak x Play Cans 2x 12-pack Bundle

Thrive Play Cans
jeroen derey

Lekker alcoholvrij bier met vitamientjes, ideaal voor na het loopje dorst te lessen.
Moedigt aan om meer te lopen 😁