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Thrive Play Cans

THE sports beer

Really refreshing beer taste without the bad alcohol feeling.

Thrive Peak Cans

Great stuff

Love them, and the guilt free end of day beer is now a great habit.

Peak x Play Cans 2x 6-pack Bundle
Ernesto Gabriel González Chacón
Excellent taste

Both beers are just too good to not have alcohol! I love the Play beer and I want to do exercise so I have the excuse to drink the Peak one! They are great!

Thrive Peak Cans
Rosana Herrera

Thrive Peak Cans

Thrive Peak Cans
Thibault Cebron
Nice taste

The beer really has a nice taste for a non alcoholic beer. I will order more !

Thrive Play Cans
Horacio Alcala

Tastes like beer, but it is more refreshing

Thrive Play Bottles
Mathieu Ten Have

Thrive Play Bottles

Beer or not beer, not a question anymore 😁

I have tried Thrive beer a while ago, was mostly curious about it.
For some reason I completely forgot about it (maybe because I could only buy it online). Then I saw it in my local shop. Bought it immediately!
I was surprised that after a while they stopped selling it. So I had to order again. This time I also bought Play. I simply love it!
For the first time ever I only drink Thrive beer, no more regular beer for me 😁
And I just love the feeling when I open my Thrive after a long day of snowboarding.
Long live the Thrive!

Thrive Peak Bottles
Cor van Leeuwen

It’s almost too good to be truth… amazing tast and proteins and great after a sports

Better than expected!!

A high protein non alcoholic beer, well I was skeptical, A healthy beer? Well i thought it would taste... well average. To my suprise that after sport desire for a thirst quenching beer was completely satisfied!! Though a slight citrus tang does cut through, and might not be for everyone, but for me I'm sold!!

Thrive Peak Cans
Awesome !

First time I enjoyed a beer without any guilt. Plus it tastes so good. Can't wait to try the other one (Thrive Play) !

Great beer!

Tastes great, does not feel like I'm "settling for less". I'm a fan!

Great beer.

Absolutely delicious for a non alcoholic beverage
I love it ice cold in a glass any time of the day

Thrive Peak Cans
Brice Faucheux
Great post training refreshment

Perfect to recharge in protein and carb post training. Good taste.

Perfect beer for runners

I love that now I am able to have a tasteful and nutritious beer after daily running training without compromise.

Thrive Play Cans
Anton Schellekens - Kaspo BV

Very nice to drink a beer that makes you better 😁

Peak x Play Cans 2x 12-pack Bundle

Super smooth beer

Smooth and refreshing, perfect for after a good day out in the mountains!

What a beer!

Perfect beer after a big training when you feel the legs are sore.

Thrive Peak Cans
alexandra lantier

Très bonne bière sans alcool, j'ai du mal à m'en passer maintenant


A really satisfying Alcohol free beer!

Thrive Play Cans
Gerry Frisson
Allround athlete, who enjoys a beer!

Drink a beer after a hard day of training, and actually recover.
How great is that!
Beer and vitamines!
From all alcohol free beers, this one has the best taste!

A whole new vibe

Fresh, invigorating, thirst-quenching ... can't wait for summer! This will be the brew!