5 things that happen to your body if you skip alcohol

5 things that happen to your body if you skip alcohol

Well hello, Dry January.

New year, new you. Right?

During New Year's Eve, countless promises and resolutions were made again.

A lot of those included participating in Dry January.
31 days without beer (sort of).

Who's in?

Here are 5 things that will happen to your body if you say no to alcohol:

1. Your Brain 🧠
You can expect to see some general improvements to your day-to-day life including feeling happier, better decision-making, and you might even notice that you feel more creative.

2. Your Sleep 😎

The amount of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep you experience will get a boost, improving your overall sleeping quality, and making you feel fresh and awake in the morning.

3. Your Liver 🤘
If you give your liver a little break, even just a few weeks, you can drastically reduce something called liver ‘stiffness’, an early sign of liver disease, which can, in the most extreme of cases, develop into cirrhosis.

4. Your Heart ❤️
Your blood pressure will drop and the muscles in your blood vessels will become stronger. 
5. Your Immunity 🤺
Alcohol can give your immunity system quite a kick. So your immunity will get a boost this month. Which might be pretty useful during these winter times.
So here's to an alcohol-free January!
(While still drinking all the beers 😉)

Cheers to alcoholfree beer
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