Why? Because you should be able to enjoy a beer anytime, any day.

It started with an Ironman...

The story of Thrive starts with a group of friends that had set themselves one of the biggest challenges possible in sports: a full distance Ironman triathlon. Yikes. But Ironman says anything is possible and they were right. We all finished successfully!

During training we had one big problem though. As Belgians, we loved our beer and nothing could beat enjoying a cold one after a tough training. Unfortunately though, sports and alcohol don’t play well together. Bummer.

... and ended with a beer.

What we needed instead was proper nutrition with the right combination of protein and carbs. So we ended up having chocolate flavoured recovery shakes followed by non-alcoholic beers. Not a great mix indeed.

This made one of us wonder. What if a refreshing beer would exist to enjoy after sports, with the right nutrition for your recovery? It took over a year and a team of innovative brewers and scientists, but we were able to pull it off. With Thrive we managed to create world's 1st true sports beer.

Best of all? It tastes great. But please do judge for yourself.


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