So, our beers are alcohol-free, healthy and f*cking delicious. Doesn't really sound like your regular beer, right? Nonetheless our beers are beers through and through. Same basic ingredients, same brewing process. Only some minor tweaks. Consider Thrive a new breed of functional beers.

Brewed like your regular beer.

Thrive is made using the same brewing process as any other beer, with the same four basic ingredients: water, barley, hops and yeast.

We avoid alcohol by using a patented yeast that does not convert the sugars released from barley into alcohol during fermentation. This way we don't need to dealcoholize our beer and retain a nice body.

The only real difference is that we add high-quality protein to aid your recovery to our Thrive Peak and vitamins B and D to our Thrive Play.

Made in Belgium. Where else?

Belgium is one of the highest regarded countries in the world when it comes to beer making. So it's probably not a coincidence that an innovation like this comes from our tiny country. Are we chauvinists? When it comes to beer, absolutely.

Thrive is brewed in Flanders at a state of the art brewery that has been producing non-alcoholic beers for years. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality.

  • water

  • barley malt

  • hops

  • yeast

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Flavor profile

Thrive Peak is a blond beer, with a hoppy aroma. We didn't go too crazy with the hops though, ensuring an accessible beer. The balance between bitterness and sweetness provides high drinkability after sports. Thrive Play is also a blond beer and can be considered the most natural vitamin enriched drink in the world. The taste is quite floral, refreshing and is very easy to drink.