Why alcoholfree beer beats regular beer after exercise

Why alcoholfree beer beats regular beer after exercise

Alcoholfree kicks regular beer's ass after exercise.

We've been saying this for a while.

But now Gretchen Reynolds is saying it. Gretchen is an award-winning scientist and journalist and has been working for The Washington Post for over 15 years.

Why nonalcoholic beer beats regular beer after exercise - Washington Post

Ok, you want a bit more information? No problem.
We could have copy-pasted Gretchen's full article.
But, we summarized it for you below.


1. Better hydratation 💦

Alcohol-free beer offers superior hydration compared to regular beer, as alcohol dehydrates your body. A study showed that men who drank alcohol-free beer after exercising retained more fluid than those who drank regular beer or even water.

2. Boosts immune system and reduces inflammation 🔥

Research found that drinking nonalcoholic beer can lead to fewer colds and lower inflammation levels thanks to its polyphenols—nutrients with antioxidant properties. This makes it not just good for recovery but also beneficial for overall health, unlike regular beer where alcohol negates these effects.

3. Excellent for after-sports recovery 🤩

Alcohol-free beer helps in maintaining a good balance of electrolytes, crucial for muscle function and recovery. Studies suggest that it can be as effective, if not more, than sports drinks in keeping this balance during and after exercise, making it an excellent drink for recovery.

And Gretchen here is just talking about "normal" alcohol-free beer. Now imagine a great tasting alcohol-free beer with 10gr extra protein...

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