Lidewij Welten

SPORT: Hockey | Country:The Netherlands

"Yes, I train hard. So I deserve a beer, or two, or three."

In 2008, Lidewij made her debut for the Dutch national team, and despite having only thirteen international matches under her belt, she proudly earned an Olympic gold medal.

At that time, Lidewij was one of the young talents on the team. Since then, she has clinched the European title three times and secured her second Olympic gold in London. In 2014, Lidewij became a world champion in The Hague, and she added another world title to her collection in 2018.

Known for her impressive long runs, dazzling dribbles, and technical wizardry, Lidewij has already amassed an impressive fourteen major trophies with the Dutch team. Lidewij spent several years playing for Den Bosch and has been representing Kampong since the 2022-23 season.

Lidewij and Thrive are a match made in sports heaven. She's all about giving her absolute best and living life to the max, and that's exactly what Thrive represents. She's a firm believer in finding balance and taking care of her body, which is why she thinks drinking a refreshing Thrive protein beer after a tough match is the perfect way to celebrate her accomplishments while keeping her well-being in check.

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