Naomi Van Den Broeck

SPORT: Running | Country:Belgium

"With each sip, I'm able to elevate my recovery and take my running journey to new heights. Here's to a protein-powered run!"

Born in 1996 in Leiden, the Netherlands, Naomi Van Den Broeck embodies the multicultural tapestry of her heritage. With a Senegalese mother and Belgian father, she inherited a blend of vibrant cultures and a deep appreciation for diversity. She moved across continents as a child, immersing her in the captivating landscapes of Belgium, South Africa, Jamaica, Ireland, and Norway.

In 2015, she showcased her prowess on the European stage at the U20 Championships in Eskilstuna, where she impressively secured seventh place in the 100m event. The following year, she demonstrated her versatility by claiming dual titles as the Belgian Indoor Champion in both the 60m and 200m disciplines. In 2018, Naomi solidified her dominance in indoor competitions with a second consecutive indoor title in the 200m event.

With a strategic eye on joining the Belgian 4x400m relay team, Naomi transitioned her focus to the demanding 400m distance. In a thrilling turn of events at the 2021 Belgian Championships, she triumphed in the 400m, setting a personal record and emphatically signaling her intention to secure a coveted spot on the Olympic team.[2] Her determination paid off when she was selected to represent Belgium at the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as a vital member of the women's 4x400m relay team.

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